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Goodwill Houston Retail Stores are the economic engine for our workforce programs, helping us employ those who would otherwise have barriers to employment. We’re creating jobs all over the city with your donations and purchases in our dozens of Goodwill stores throughout Houston.

When you shop at a Goodwill store, you’re not only getting a huge bargain, you’re also making a donation to an organization that employs almost 2000 people in the Greater Houston Area. From the point of drop off at the donation center to the point of sale at our retail stores, everyone who works in a Goodwill store is employed thanks to your shopping in our stores. Our employees gain so much more than just a paycheck when they start working for us – we are a leading veteran service provider, giving a fresh start, a newfound sense of hope, and stability to those who might not otherwise have the chance at these opportunities. We offer temporary services, resume building skills, computer skills, family strengthening services and financial programs, helping individuals manage their debt for the first time.  Your generous donations and purchases in our stores enable us to continue putting people to work and also help us give people the skills to go out and find employment elsewhere.

We sell clothing for the whole family, accessories, home furnishings, outdoor gear, decor items and so much more. Check out your local Goodwill Houston store today where you can shop and make a meaningful difference in your community.

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