Mission Programs

Mission Programs 1

Veterans’ Employment and Training Services

Veterans’ Employment and Training Services, funded by Goodwill Houston. Provides employment services to veterans who do not qualify for grant-funded programs. The program has a special emphasis on veterans transitioning from incarceration or at-risk of homelessness.

Contact: 713-699-1648

Mission Programs 2

Apartment Maintenance Professionals Program

Apartment Maintenance Professionals Program, (AMP), funded by the Texas Apartment Association and the United Way. Provides an introduction for new maintenance professionals and a refresher for the veteran employee, to give these professionals the knowledge and tools necessary to run an effective maintenance program. Maintenance expenses are the single largest controllable element in any operating budget. The AMP program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, a private non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system and focused on credentialing and connecting participants in this industry.

Contact: 832-431-4472 or sign up here: https://form.jotform.com/210146777379162

Mission Programs 3

Life Launch Young Adult Re-Entry

Life Launch Young Adult Re-Entry funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and subcontracted by Goodwill Industries International. Program serves young adults between the ages of 18-24 who have had contact with the justice system to assist them with their educational and employment goals.

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Contact: 832-900-7472

Mission Programs 4

Opportunity Accelerator

Funded by Accenture Foundation and GM. This program tracks the evolution of youth and young adults between the ages of 15-24 years old over three years across three metrics: 1. Connected to Goodwill Houston workforce development services, 2. Improved their lives through career management, improved mindset, skillset, or workforce experience, 3. Transformed their lives through re-entering formal education, employment, increased career resilience, self-employment, grew business or started a business.

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Contact: 713-699-6375

Mission Programs 5

Career Abilities

CareerAbilities serves persons with documented disabilities and receives referrals from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Vocational Rehabilitative Services, and the Social Security Administration for the Ticket to Work program. Work assessments, job readiness training, and employment services are provided on a fee for service basis.

Contact: 832-431-4479

Mission Programs 6

Goodwill Connect for Housing

Goodwill Connect for Housing, funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. This program aims to provide housing stabilization supports, case management, financial literacy activities, career skills training, and employment and retention services to 250 households, approximately 625 individuals. Goodwill Connect for Housing serves 5 counties in the greater Houston region: Harris, Montgomery, Galveston, Fort Bend and Brazoria.

Contact: 713-623-1403

Mission Programs 7

Facility Management Pre-Apprenticeship Pilot

This program provides 51 members with training towards a globally recognized certification in the growing industry of Facility Management, with an end goal of placing at least 45 members in a registered apprenticeship upon training completions.

Contact: 713-970-1678  Or Sign Up Here:  https://form.jotform.com/210146777379162

Mission Programs 8

Heights Job Connection

Heights Job Connection, privately funded by Goodwill Houston. Provides basic employment services to persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Contact: 713-699-6354

Mission Programs 9

Second Century Vision

Second Century Vision, funded by the United Way of Greater Houston. The program is focused on ensuring individuals from Region 1 and Region 8 in our community have the opportunity to attain a sustainable quality of living by increasing their financial stability supported by early education and youth development, and healthcare and our continued commitment to the safety net.

Contact: 713-590-3123

Mission Programs 8

Meyerland Job Connection

Meyerland Job Connection Center, privately funded by Goodwill Houston. Provides basic employment services to persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment, with a special emphasis on displaced workers age 55 and over.

Contact: 832-900-7454

Mission Programs 9


THRIVE, funded by the United Way of Greater Houston. Provides integrated employment and financial strengthening services emphasizing assistance for families with children.

Contact: 713-590-3123

Mission Programs 12

GDCA Fueled by Comcast

GDCA Fueled by Comcast, funded through Goodwill Industries International by Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation.  This program provides instructional and wraparound support for 80 workforce members engaged in digital skills training pathways.  This grant also supports Goodwill’s mission services located in Lift Zone sites with reliable WiFi and other critical supports including computers, laptops, and other devises.

Contact: 832-900-7456

Mission Programs 9

Workforce Connector

Workforce Connector, funded by the United Way of Greater Houston. Provides integrated employment and financial strengthening services emphasizing assistance for families with children.

Contact: 713-590-3123

Mission Programs 8

River Oaks Job Connection

River Oaks Job Connection, privately funded by Goodwill Houston. Provides basic employment services to the general public, with a specialty in re-entry (ex-offenders) participants, and with persons with disabilities and barriers to employment.

Contact: 713-590-3123

Mission Programs 15

Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator Fueled by Microsoft

This program provides instructional support and wraparound support for the learners engaged in in GDCA Levels 3 Productivity Software Skills trainings that lead to employment or other livelihood activity.

Contact: 832-900-7456

Mission Programs 16

Google® IT Support Professional Certificate

Provides Google IT Professional Certificate, developed by Google. Includes innovative curriculum designed to prepare individuals for an entry-level role in IT support

Contact:832-431-4472 or Sign up here: https://form.jotform.com/210146777379162

Mission Programs 17

TWC Self-Sufficiency

Funded by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). This program provides job training, employment, and occupational training to TANF recipients in the areas of advanced manufacturing, logistics, construction and information and computer technology.


Contact: 832-431-4472

Mission Programs 16

Designing Your Success

This project trains staff members in a new evolution of a workforce development approach. This program teaches workforce managers and leaders to use Stanford University’s D. (design) school research-based design approach called Growth Mindset.

Contact: 832-900-7466

Mission Programs 19

Project Good Hope (PGH)

Funded through the City of Houston and private funding from Goodwill Houston. Provides employment services to individuals with specific immune diseases and members of their household.

Contact: 713-699-6354

Mission Programs 20

Project oVeRcome 2.0

Project oVeRcome 2.0, funded by Goodwill Industries International in collaboration with Accenture. This program supports justice-involved individuals, particularly returning citizens, obtain meaningful employment that aligns with their interests. Specifically, users will experience mock job interviews through virtual reality technology, which will allow them to practice having conversations related to their employment goals and justice involvement. The goal of this XR is to help Second Chance program participants successfully navigate the pursuit of employment opportunities with confidence.

Contact: 713-699-6375

Mission Programs 8

Goodwill Temporary Services

Goodwill Temporary Services (GTS), privately funded by Goodwill Houston through the program’s own social enterprise income. GTS provides temporary job placement and staffing services for individuals with disabilities and those who are unemployed/underemployed.

Contact: 281-480-3930

Mission Programs 1

Life-Work Connection

Life-Work Connection (LWC), privately funded by Goodwill Houston. Provides one-time critical needs assistance for employees. The program objectives include serving employees with urgent case management needs to help resolve work related and personal issues and to stabilize those employees and their families with a crisis recovery plan and resources to better guide them in the right direction.

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Mission Programs 1


Funded through Goodwill Industries of Houston.  This program provides holistic employment supportive/training services for individuals with multiple barriers and or disabilities to maximize their work performance in a supportive environment.  Each participant has an employment plan.  This program is designed to meet the major service gap in our community for students “aging out” and adults that require a supportive working environment.

Contact: 832-431-4479

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