Goodwill Houston Outlet Stores & Hours

Items Sold By The Pound

Clothing, Shoes, Linens

0-50 pounds

$2.19 PER LB

Over 50 pounds

$1.79 PER LB

Glasses & Dishes

$1.19 PER LB


$1.19 PER LB


$1.19 PER LB

Individually priced items:


Lawn & Garden



Exercise Equipment


 Book Prices:


$1/3 books


These prices are guidelines. Goodwill Houston reserves the right to individually price items at any time.

Goodwill Houston Outlet Rules

In order to make your shopping experience pleasant, please follow these rules.

Operational Modifications:

  • Store hours will be 9 am to 6 pm
  • Tables will be staged on the floor in pods of 4 with at least 8 feet between the shopping sides of tables and 6 feet at the ends of tables where customer cannot shop.
  • No tables or product will be brought to the floor while the store is open for shopping.
  • Customers will be allowed to check out after the closing time, but shopping will not be allowed.

Customer Policies:

  • Limit the number of customers in the store to 75% of the number of tables
  • Customer can shop together with a friend, family member, or child and count as 1 but must always stay together and only shop at the same table
  • Customer access is granted on a “first-come, first-serve” basis
  • Tickets can be issued to hold access for time periods
  • If a customer is not there within 10 minutes of the start of the period, they will lose their reservation
  • Once 75% of the number of tables has been reached, a customer can choose to be given a ticket to another time frame the same day
  • No future date tickets will be provided
  • No customer will be allowed in after an hour into an open period
  • If a customer leaves during an open period, we will not allow another customer to enter in their spot, however, reserve the discretion to allow additional customers if there is a large number that leaves early in the session

Social Distancing:

  • 6 feet rule always applies in all areas of the store including the check stands
  • No more than one customer per table
  • Only the long side of the tables can be shopped, no shopping the ends of tables
  • Walking patterns are front to back between the ends of tables and from side to side at the front or back only not between the tables
  • Customers can go from table to table but must follow walking pattern, not stop at any occupied table, and only can stop at an open table
  • No shopping over tables or from behind others
  • No sharing carts or meeting to talk
  • No sitting on furniture
  • No hoarding product in carts

Shopping Policy Violations:

  • Customers will be warned one time regarding any rule
  • A second violation will result in exclusion for a period (session, day, week, or more)
  • Repeat violations will result in increased exclusion time up to trespass