Why Donate


Your donations change lives – through training, by providing jobs and by providing quality goods at discounted prices for our community. The money you spend on cool, quality items found at Goodwill Houston stores is immediately channeled into job training and placement programs. Anyone can use our job training services and have an opportunity to find a job. We’ve got great stuff, check us out!

We place 95 cents of every dollar into our programs, keeping overhead as low as possible. We’re a 501(c)3 charitable organization that’s served Greater Houston since 1945 as a trusted name in the field of nonprofits.

Jobs are created for people to:

  • provide intake services and provide tax receipts at any Goodwill donation/store location
  • transport the donations to Goodwill stores
  • dispatch the trucks and trailers
  • meet the incoming trucks/trailers to unload the donations
  • warehouse seasonal donations
  • process the donations: sorting, pricing, hanging, baling
  • stock the donations in our Goodwill Stores.
  • provide customer service in our Goodwill Stores
  • sell donations in our Goodwill Stores
  • provide accounting, clerical and administrative support services
  • provide facilities janitorial and maintenance services

Community Impact

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People Served by Workforce Development

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Lives Touched

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People hired by Goodwill Houston

Donation Centers

One box of old toys. One bag of old clothes. What impact do these items have on Goodwill and on people’s lives?
Donated materials are the lifeline to training and job opportunities at Goodwill for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment!

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