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It may sound like an obvious statement, but the prices of the donated items sold at our Missouri City upcycled goods company are kept competitive because we want people to shop with us.

Out of all the different Missouri City vintage shops, we can proudly say we have one of the widest selections of items to choose from. But what truly sets us apart from the other vintage shops in Missouri City TX is our mission, which is to provide job placement and skills training for the many people who have barriers to employment.

The Upcycled Goods Company in Missouri City TX That Cares About Community

The benefits to buying vintage used goods in Missouri City TX are many, including directly providing much needed support to your fellow community members who have had to face difficulties with securing or retaining employment. When you purchase goods from our store, 95 cent of every dollar of revenue goes toward supporting our mission, which is to find the proper jobs for these people and offer skills training resources they can use to improve their chances of retaining that job.

  • Support Your Community
  • Create New Jobs and Sustain Existing Ones with Every Purchase
  • Provide Resources and Funding for Job Placement Programs and Skills Training

Beyond providing resources that support our mission when you make a purchase from our Missouri City upcycled goods company, you can also have a significant impact on that mission when donating items. As we rely on donated goods as saleable products, we must keep a healthy stock of items on hand so that we are prepared for shoppers.

Another positive side to our operation is that the donated items are tax deductible. So the next time you make a contribution to Goodwill, remember to claim it on your tax return!

Goodwill is the place to shop in Missouri City for vintage used goods. We have a wide, diverse collection of vintage clothing, furniture and other gently used items, and when you make a purchase it provides enormous benefits to those in need. Stop in to our Missouri City upcycled goods company today and help support your community!

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