Missouri City Second Chance Employment

No one does as much as Goodwill for Missouri City second chance employment options. While most people think of us as a thrift store that focuses simply on selling second-hand items to the community, our mission is much larger. While the sales are needed to fund what we want to do, our real goal is to create jobs for disabled in Missouri City TX and to set up Missouri City second chance jobs for those with out impediments to employment.

We know that a strong economy is one in which everyone is able to work. We know that there are not enough Missouri City second chance employment options out there. As such, we take a full 95 cents from every single dollar that we earn and put it back into job creation.

Doing More

On top of creating jobs for disabled in Missouri City TX, we also offer job training so that individuals can learn the skills they need to work in many capacities. We then offer job placement services to help those people lock down the jobs for which they are now so well trained. There are many people in Texas who don’t work but who desperately want to. We are here to help give those people the options they need so that they can find their second chance jobs in Missouri City TX. This helps them, it helps the community, and it keeps the economy strong.

Making Donations

Our mission of creating Missouri City second chance employment options is only possible with donations. People are free to drop off many items, including:

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Games
  • Books
  • Exercise equipment

These donations are our way of gathering funding, as we can sell them at a great bargain. This helps those who are looking for terrific deals find what they need, which is a huge plus in its own right, but it also gives us the money we need to provide jobs for disabled in Missouri City TX. With this business model, we solve multiple problems at once, and those who donate to us get to be part of the solution.

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To find out more about making donations or Missouri City second chance employment, please call now.

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