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Goodwill is the top Katy thrift shop for a reason. We’re dedicated to this cause. It’s a two-fold mission, and we’d like you to learn more about it if you’re looking for a Katy quality thrift store that is making a difference.

Providing Jobs

We offer more than just convenient thrift shopping in Katy TX. We’re looking to change the community by providing people with jobs, training and other opportunities. We invest 95 percent of what we earn back into this mission. Goodwill is here to create job opportunities, pay people a good wage, and constantly expand to help even more individuals. We may not be the only Katy thrift shop, but we’re certainly the one that is most focused on the community.

Transferring Goods

The second part of what we do as a Katy quality thrift store is to get goods into the hands of people who need them. People often have all sorts of items that they don’t need anymore, but these items are still in great condition.

  • Some people have old furniture that they replaced just to make all of the pieces in the room match.
  • Others have clothes they only wore once but no longer fit into.
  • Many people have books, movies and video games that they’ve enjoyed but no longer need.

These are just a few examples of what you’ll find at a thrift shop in Katy TX, but they show you how the system works. Many people would throw out these functional items that are in fine condition, not knowing what else to do with them. At the same time, others would be stuck without items that they need or want because they can’t afford to buy them brand new.

We help to bridge that gap. With Katy convenient thrift shopping, we can provide affordable, quality item to those who need them, and we help to reduce waste in landfills. Our quality thrift store in Katy TX also makes it easier for people to clean up around the house and do a little good at the same time.

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