Houston Second Chance Employment

Have you heard about our Houston second chance employment services? At Goodwill Houston, it is our mission to create and provide jobs for disabled in Houston TX as well as those with criminal histories, granting them chances they wouldn’t otherwise have.

What Houston Second Chance Employment Means

In various community settings, you will see people of all ages, size, and color who face barriers due to disabilities or past mistakes. We have a Goodwill team that provides skills training and vocational hands-on training. Our program provides:

  • A New Start – It is important to be honest with your employers about your history yet there are many who face serious barriers to the work world. Don’t let that hold you back from a better future.
  • Job Training – As part of our Houston second chance jobs program and providing jobs for disabled in Houston TX, we teach job readiness skills, counseling and soft skill practice to help individuals slowly integrate themselves into the working world.
  • Networking – One of the most powerful tools in the job world is knowing the right people. Through second chance jobs in Houston TX, our employees make valuable connections and build up a positive reputation.

Helping to Make a Difference

Through the donations and purchases of our customers, we are able to provide these training and job preparation courses. Disabled persons and those with a criminal history are re-integrated into society, become productive members of society, and work hard to achieve new goals. It is possible to learn and change old behavior and build a brighter, better future.

Interested in the Program?

Discover what Houston second chance employment opportunities are available by contacting our store today. We are proud to offer jobs for the disabled in Houston TX as well as second chance opportunities. We’ve got a book full of success stories and would love to add yours to it!

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