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What is a Business Advisory Council?

A Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a group of local business and community leaders that provide advice and support to Goodwill’s Workforce Development Department. Goodwill Industries of Houston organized its first Business Advisory Council in 1988. Today, Goodwill Houston’s BAC has grown to more than 20 members. These local partnerships are crucial for the tracking of labor market trends and the on-going development of programs and services to address the needs of the communities we serve.

Why are BACs important to Goodwill?

The expert advice and knowledge that Council members share enables Goodwill staff to continue to offer training programs that meet the needs of the community and help Goodwill program participants become more marketable in their search for employment. BAC helps Goodwill and the people we serve succeed.

What are the benefits of becoming a BAC member?

The most rewarding benefit of becoming a member of Goodwill’s Business Advisory Council is having the opportunity to impact people’s lives in ways that help them become more self-sufficient.

In addition, BAC members receive:
  • Networking opportunities with community business leaders and professionals
  • Opportunities to use professional talents and expertise
  • Opportunities to serve and give back to the community
  • Access to trained workers who are eager to put their skills to work
What are the expectations and responsibilities of BAC members?
  • Provide information on emerging labor market trends in your field
  • Assist Goodwill staff with the development and maintenance of skills training curriculum
  • Invite at least one prospective member to a meeting
  • Offer the use of work facilities for tours and job shadowing opportunities
  • Provide educational presentations
  • Promote community awareness of Goodwill’s mission
  • Help develop social and cultural experiences that enable Goodwill program participants to more fully participate in community life
The following organizations are just some of those represented on Goodwill's Business Advisory Council:
  • Automated Voice & Data Solutions
  • CBRE
  • Expense Reduction Analysts
  • F 1 Technology Group
  • Harper & Pearson Company, P.C.
  • Houston Community College
  • Houston Habitat for Humanity
  • iHeart Media
  • Johnson Deluca Kurisky & Gould, P.C.
  • Leap of Faith
  • Legacy Asset Management
  • Logix Fiber Networks
  • Magnificat House
  • Maintenance Supply Headquarters
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Sovereign Wealth Advisors LLC
  • Technocycle
  • Visible Applause
  • Weinstein Spira & Company
BAC members share their experience:

“Goodwill’s Mission of ‘Changing Lives Through the Power of Work’ is made evident by the success of Goodwill Houston’s Workforce Development Programs. Each member of the Business Advisory Council provide a unique perspective and contribute ideas and support for these programs, based on their own business expertise. Collectively, our connections have broadened the landscape for Goodwill Houston‘s footprint which reaches out to those in need. I’m grateful for our members’ talents and generosity.” – Pam Campbell, former BAC Chair, Account Executive, KPRC

“I am thrilled to be a member of the Business Advisory Council. As a member partnering with Goodwill Houston’s Workforce Development Department, I have had the incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. It is most rewarding.” – Elexa Orrange-Allen, Goodwill Houston Board Member

How do I become a BAC member?

Contact: Alma Duldulao=Ybarra, Vice President of Workforce Development, Goodwill Houston

Phone: 832-431-4473


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