Success Stories

Michael McCurtis

Michael’s 21-month incarceration left him nervous about searching for a job, but his mentor encouraged him to look to the future instead of focusing on the past.  Michael is now enjoying his work as a store manager just four years after starting at Goodwill. He loves that each day brings new adventures, and he loves adapting and acclimating to those as they come along. Michael feels extremely blessed to have been hired. Goodwill Industries of Houston gave him the opportunity and the confidence to understand that a person can have a second chance.

Michelle Flores

Michelle Floresis manager at our Sabo store, and has worked at Goodwill for 6 years. She is a hard working mother; she has 21 and 23 year old, and recently adopted two boys, aged 6 and 7. She is positive team leader who leads by example. She is the epitome of this award’s definition! “She has a good attitude; she is a good manager and is very well organized.” says Mark Sudela, Michelle’s coworker.

Michelle’s employees love working at her store! She is always positive and happy, and it shows. Her favorite thing about working for Goodwill is the people she works with, and the people she helps every day. She loves helping others get over their challenges and create a productive and fulfilling life for themselves. What a great leader!

Perri Fairchild

Perri has been working at Goodwill Houston for 29 years, and is one of the favorites around the corporate office! Working at Goodwill has helped Perri grow as a professional and an individual. With his recent promotion to Loss Prevention Technician, he has discovered his unknown talents! When he was first approached about this position, he asked himself “Can I do this?” and his answer was YES he could. He is really excelling in this position and his newfound confidence shines through him.

Many years ago, Perri struggled to find a job. Because he has Cerebral Palsy, he had a hard time finding someone to give him a chance to work. This eventually led him to Goodwill. “It is hard when you want to work and no one gives you a chance” states Perri. Goodwill gave him the opportunity that he needed, and he refers to it as a home away from home. Perri credits God for the opportunities afforded by his employment, and says “Through trials and tribulations, it is amazing what the Lord can do to provide for you”.

Melanie Walker-Love

Melanie Walker-Love is the manager at our Katy Ranch store. She has faced difficulty, but you’d never know it by her positive attitude. Melanie’s job at Goodwill enabled her to turn her life around.  Finding work with a felony in her background proved to be a daunting task for this Houston native, who is a mother of three, and grandmother to one.  Melanie found the opportunity to work at Goodwill and began as a floor attendant at Goodwill in 2009. She has since worked her way up to being store manager. She is very proud to be a productive member of society once again.

Melanie has not let her past interfere with her future, and her children have found inspiration in her. She tells her kids “It is the consequences that get us, and they come from the choices that you make every day”. Her eldest daughter has taken her advice to heart, and we are proud to announce that is a recent college graduate. Melanie’s favorite part about coming to work is the smiles on employees and customers faces.

Roderick Kelly

Roderick Kelly is a gentle man with a giant heart and smile. He pushes past the barriers of his developmental disabilities daily to come to the job he loves. A native Houstonian, he is never without his favorite hat, and he loves dancing. Roderick also enjoys bagging groceries, and he is quite the chef and connoisseur of cuisine. He is always willing to help others, and he has made many friends while working at the Swain Center. He says that working at Goodwill brings him much happiness.

Constancio Gonzales

Constancio has been working for Goodwill for over 20 years, and has been married to his wife for over 30 years! He is a father and grandfather, and is truly considered one of the family at work. He says he is grateful to work for Goodwill because of the support and opportunities he has been given. He has felt extremely uplifted by his coworkers as he cares for his ill wife. He loves working, and looks forward to it daily because of all the kind people he has met throughout his employment.

Carolyn Keys

Ms. Carolyn Keys is a fighter! She has battled many health issues over the years, but has rarely missed a day of work in her 4.5 years at Goodwill. She loves her job, and is the go-to person for training new employees. Her manager, Frank, says, “Ms. Carolyn has set a very good example for other workers through her extremely positive attitude towards her job and fellow co-workers.”

She can often be seen dancing with the children who are shopping at the store with their parents. She has a great attitude and it shows! She says, “I love what I do and I treat people the way I want to be treated.” Ms. Carolyn has been working in retail since 1967 and says that she doesn’t ever want to stop working! What a wonderful attitude! We are grateful for Ms. Keys and her hard work.

Doug Robinson

Doug Robinson is a US Veteran who served for nine years in the Army Reserve. The Power of Work has given him an opportunity to have a successful and fruitful life. Through his work as a driver for Goodwill, he has become a stable and productive member of society. He enjoys that his role in transport allows him to participate in the entrepreneurship of the city. Doug is extremely grateful to Goodwill for allowing him to be part of a team – he loves the smiles and caring attitudes of his team. He says that they all share physical challenges, but his smiling team has always been there for him.

Joaquin Nerio

Joaquin Nerio faced challenges in finding employment due to the combination of a lack of experience and a period of incarceration. However, by gaining employment at Goodwill, he found an opportunity to prove himself. His coworkers consider themselves lucky to have found such a dependable and trustworthy employee. He is always willing to help, and fills in whenever he is needed. Joaquin is a true success story – his hard work and dedication have earned him a series of promotions. The Power of Work has given him the ability to start a stable foundation on which to build his life, and has allowed him to gain confidence and a sense of purpose that helps him look toward the future.

Tyres Dickson

Tyres’s life has had its triumphs and tragedies. Shortly after receiving a full scholarship to play football for the University of Texas, he was hit by a drunk driver in a car accident, and as a result, paralyzed. Tyres soon found himself trying to figure out what his next step in life was. “I was either going to end up on government assistance or make a way for myself.” He was soon offered the opportunity to work for Goodwill Industries of Houston, and he has been here for over three years. He has since been building both his confidence and skills, recently earning a promotion into our Development and Special Projects department, where he is responsible for Donated Goods Procurement. Tyres has a brilliant attitude, tremendous smile, and giant heart. He says that Goodwill has been good for both his soul and his spirit.