Donate Items

Goodwill Industries of Houston is grateful for donations of many kinds, from material donations, volunteer time and in-kind services such as printing and refreshments, to financial donations. We strive to be as self-supporting as possible by generating nearly 80 percent of our revenues through the sale of donated materials.

At Goodwill Houston your donations create jobs and opportunities for others. Learn more about how we put your donations to work here. Or, donate online now using our online donation form.

Goodwill Industries of Houston is unable to provide pick up service for donations. Find the store or attended donation center nearest you.

We are always happy to accept:

Computers and computing equipment

Goodwill Houston and Dell have partnered to provide RECONNECT, a free program for consumers to reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted computers. Donate your old computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc. for free at any Goodwill Houston store or attended donation center. Any brand computer is eligible for donation. RECONNECT will refurbish or recycle the equipment. When you buy an affordable system that's great for home or school use, you benefit the community and help put people to work.

Clothing Small Appliances
Shoes  Toys
Sporting Goods Domestics
Housewares Upholstery Fabrics
Usable Furniture Holiday Decorations
Bric-a-Brac Office supplies
Pictures, Frames Cars, Boats, RV's

We appreciate the added gift of washed or drycleaned clothing as we're unable to provide this service.

Items we cannot accept or process:

Newspapers  Magazines
Bed Frames  Water Beds
Large Appliances Carpet Remnants
Curtain Rods Hangers
Ceiling Fans  Open Paint Cans
Tires Toxic Chemicals

Stained, Torn, or Broken Furniture
Rusted and Incomplete Bicycles
Mattresses and Box Springs 
Scrap Iron and Lumber

For locations in and around the Houston area, see our Donation Center locator or our Retail Store locator.