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Katy employment for veterans is one of the most important things that the community can focus on. Providing support for returning veterans is critical to their well-being, but they often have a lot of trouble adjusting back to civilian life. They struggle to find jobs after their specialized military training, which may not always lead to a specific career back home.

Here at Goodwill, we want to make a difference and help support those who have fought for our freedom and put their lives on the line. We’re interested in more than just offering Katy nonprofit employment to anyone or providing standard nonprofit careers in Katy TX. We really want to reach out to vets and give them employment options in the area.

How Are We Doing?

If you look into Katy employment for veterans, you’ll find that we’re doing quite well with this goal. The George W. Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative named us as a national leader in serving post-9/11 veterans. For returning soldiers who are looking for Katy nonprofit employment, we’re one of the best places they can turn. We’re very proud of this fact, along with our other awards, which include the following:

  • A 4-star charity rating from Charity Navigator, which we got four times.
  • A Distinction Award for Excellence in 10 out of the last 10 years; this award is given out by the BBB.
  • Voted #1 Brand by World Value Index.
  • The Cause Partnership Champion Award.

We are proud of these awards because they show that vets who are looking for Katy nonprofit careers can trust us. We work hard to give them options for nonprofit employment in Katy TX, and that work does not go unnoticed. It is our continued mission to offer employment for veterans in Katy TX for years to come. Each dollar that we make goes almost entirely toward our job-creation goals – 95 cents on the dollar.

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Whether you want to make donations, go shopping, or find a job, please contact us today to learn more about Katy employment for veterans.

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