Katy Jobs Placement Services

When you think of helping someone find a job, you might not think immediately of Goodwill Houston. Our Houston and Katy job placement services, though, are part of our mission and it’s one we take very seriously. In fact, when Goodwill was started back in 1902, the mission was to help people who had trouble finding jobs to find them. It’s a mission that we still have today. From Katy job fairs to job placement services in Katy TX, we know we are changing lives through the power of work.

Jobs For Unemployed in Katy TX

Goodwill Houston has nine job centers throughout the city and the surrounding areas. One of our centers is designed to help our nation’s veterans. We provide a wide range of services to our veterans, both those that recently served and those that served some time ago. In addition to finding jobs for those who need them in our communities, we also are one of Houston’s largest employers – 1,995 people are employed by our organization in the Houston area.

Katy Job Placement Services

One of our job placement services is to make sure those who need work are aware of job fairs that occur throughout the city and surrounding areas. We also hold our own job fairs in Katy TX as well. Do you wonder how we are able to provide all of these services? It’s through people just like you. When you make a purchase at one of our stores or give a monetary donation, $.95 of each dollar goes toward our mission. Our 55 Goodwill stores in Houston and the outlying areas are all part of helping find a Katy job for unemployed workers simply by ringing up your sale at the cash register.

Goodwill Houston is proud to be able to help our community and we’re proud of the awards and accolades we have received, including:

  • 4 time, 4-star charity rating from Charity Navigator
  • Voted #1 Brand by World Value Index
  • 2015 Vocational Guidance Services Employer of the Year
  • BBB Winner of Distinction Award for Excellence for the last 10 consecutive years

If you would like to learn more about our Katy job placement services, please visit one of our stores.

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