Katy Second Chance Employment

Did you know that Goodwill is one of the top companies providing Katy second chance employment options and jobs for disabled in Katy TX? That’s always been a huge part of our goal as a company. We actively try to create jobs, but we focus especially on creating them for those who may not have the easiest time finding jobs otherwise.

In fact, this is so important to us that 95 percent of our earnings are put back into job creation. Those who donate and shop at Goodwill support this mission, and we use the money to create second chance jobs in Katy TX at our retail stores and collection centers.

Our Recognition

We have done such a good job with Katy second chance employment that we’ve won a fair amount of awards and gotten a lot of recognition over the years. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Vocational Guidance Services’ 2015 Employer of the Year.
  • Winner of the Distinction Award for Excellence from the BBB for the last 10 years.
  • Largest Percentage Sales Growth and Largest Same Store Sales Growth within the Goodwill network for the last two years.
  • 2016 Outstanding Family Strengthening Center of Excellence Award.

We really are dedicated to success and to ensuring that there are jobs for disabled in Katy TX. No one works harder than us to put together Katy second chance jobs and to help the economy by making sure that everyone who wants to work has a chance to work.

Partnering with Us

If you’re interested in Katy second chance employment and the work we’re doing, there are numerous ways to partner with us. When considering where to take donations, just remember that we’re completely donation based, so everything you drop off helps create jobs for disabled in Katy TX. You can use what you don’t want or need to make a real difference.

To learn more about Katy second chance employment and how you can help, please come in and visit us today.

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